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green belts and sports fields made.9. There were.1 who were permanent or temporary residents of Switzerland (not citizens) and.8 have a different mother language than the classroom language. 10 Religion edit From the 2000 census, 2,610.5 were Roman Catholic, while 8,338.2 belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church. Of this area,.09 km2 (0.81 sq mi).9 is used for agricultural purposes, while.59 km2 (0.23 sq mi).8 is forested. 7 In 2010, the municipality of Untersteckholz was incorporated into Langenthal. 11 As of 2008, the population was.6 male and.4 female. (in German) accessed b Swiss Federal Statistical Office - Statweb Archived at (in German) accessed ZZ, 30 November 2009 Langenthaler Muslime verzichten auf umstrittenes Minarett Tages-Anzeiger April 2012. In the federal election, a total les meilleures sites de rencontres cite de rencontre gratuit sans inscription of 4,833 votes were cast, and the voter turnout was.1. 10 The vacancy rate for the municipality, in 2011, was.2.

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Tchatch gratuite langenthal NEW : Call the other montrealamateur com connected users anonymously. There were 6,633 married individuals, 941 widows or widowers and 699 individuals who are divorced. Over the next few years Bern's power expanded in Langenthal. Anonymous, no personal information will be communicated to users. 16 In 2000, there were 6,627 workers who commuted into the municipality and 3,101 workers who commuted away. This is followed by three years of obligatory lower Secondary school where the students are separated according to ability and aptitude. Hallstatt necropolis with twelve grave mounds has been found at Unterhard. However, the supply of goods for sale quickly exceeded the capacity of the two yearly markets. In 2001, Langenthal was twinned with the town of Neviano in southern Italy and with Brig-Glis in the upper Valais. Thanks to live chat, discreetly meet single men and women!
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There were 6,299 Swiss women (42.2) and 1,384 (9.3) non-Swiss women. Of the rest of the land,.96 km2 (1.92 sq mi).4 is tchatch gratuite langenthal settled (buildings or roads.04 km2 (9.9 acres).3 is either rivers or lakes. The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 5,635. 4, the re-interpretation of the name as including the element -tal "valley" dates. In 1640 Langenthal and Langnau became centers of linen canvas production and export to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. 17 Langenthal is home to the Regionalbibliothek Langenthal library. As of 2011, Langenthal had an unemployment rate.52.

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