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town of that size in France not yet connected. The Protestants of Castres were brought to terms, however, by King Louis xiii in 1629, and Richelieu came himself to Castres to have its fortifications dismantled. For other uses, see, castres (disambiguation). In the theological debates in the early 13th century between the Cathars and the Papal representatives, he presented the Cathar arguments, thus at the Debate at Montreal in 1206 and at the last. Textile has particularly suffered. Henry of Navarre, leader of the Protestant party, who later became King Henry IV of France, stayed in Castres in 1585. However, with the decline of its industries, population growth diminished. Former French footballer and current Leicester coach Claude Puel was also born in Castres. In 1232, he convinced the lord of the.

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Castres is noted for being the birthplace of the famous socialist leader, jean Jaurès and home to the important, goya Museum. It was a place of some importance as early as the 12th century, and ranked as the second town of the Albigeois behind Albi. Chateau de Montsegur and ministered from its safety. Tried and sentenced to death in absentia on March 29, 1764, they were defended by Voltaire, and eventually exonerated in 1771. Castres possesses the renowned Goya Museum, created in 1840, which contains the largest collection of Spanish paintings in France. L'équipe dirigeante et lencadrement est composé de bénévoles, qui encadrent les adhérents et gèrent le club sur leur temps libre. Although Castres emerged from the two world wars unscathed, no military operations or combats taking place in southwest France, the local economy has been hard hit by change.


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Site rencontre smack caen Education edit Castres is the place where a short film festival occurs each year 2 The city happened to see the birth of its first student radio ( radiom ) in 2007. Despite this isolated success, local site de rencontre pour celibataire sites de rencontres sérieuses industry is still undergoing painful restructuring at the moment.
nousliberrtin castres Castres (French pronunciation: kast ; Castras in the, languedocian dialect of, occitan ) is a commune, and arrondissement capital in the, tarn department and. Some now accuse its founder and president, Pierre Fabre, of being the real "master" of Castres, making and designating Castres' mayors at will. Château de Pieusse where about a hundred Perfects had assembled. One of the few industrial towns in the region of Albigeois, the population of the commune proper grew to 19,483 in 1901, and 34,126 by 1954 (44,161 inhabitants in the metropolitan area ). The good fortune of Castres is to be located only 79 kilometres (49 mi) away from the very dynamic Toulouse. In the wars of the latter part of the 16th century the inhabitants sided with the Protestant party, fortified the town, and established an independent republic. Castres is intersected from north to south by the Agout and Durenque rivers. Geography edit Castres is located at an altitude of 172 metres (564 feet) above sea level. Pour participer à nos activités, chaque membre doit être nousliberrtin castres en possession de la carte annuelle de lassociation.

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